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Every Month is August by Shannon Giles

This is a heartbreaking book and all because the author struggled to receive the correct information in time to be able to make a real difference in the life of her adoptive son. Our understanding of attachment disorders has most definitely increased over recent years, however there is still so little known about reactive attachment disorder specifically.

I think this book is helpful for anyone because it helps to better understand people who have suffered neglect or abandonment in early childhood. I particularly think this book is an excellent read for parents in the process of adopting. Learning about the signs to watch out for and how to navigate the minefield of potential experiences that can exacerbate attachment disorders is always going to be helpful, even if one is lucky enough to not actually go through this sort of thing.

My heart goes out to the author and her family for trying so hard to do everything right and still having all cards stacked against them. The simple truth is we can only ever do what is best from the current standpoint and hindsight offers so much greater insight into what could have been done, which is why this book is a treasure, sharing such insights to the benefit of others.

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